Ummah Products for Global Branding

Ummah Product Certification

IKIAM is developing a system of Certification for Products Produced By Muslim Entrepreneurs / Companies. It is called UMMAH PRODUCT CERTIFICATION. This branding is to assist new micro & small entrepreneurs throughout Malaysia and globally to enter the Muslim Market by producing ‘good products and services for Muslims’ and others from their homes or micro factories. Subsequently they shall be coached to expand the business systematically and acquire the JAKIM HALAL Certification.

IKIAM is developing the UMMAH PRODUCT branding on internet based platform to be used by users of the ‘Logo of Ummah Product’ worldwide. This is a part of the #JihadEkonomi promoted by IKIAM.

Certified Halal Auditor

One of the components of the Ummah Products Development is the Certified Global Halal Auditor certification to the professionals involved in the Halal Industry. IKIAM shall develop and manage this body of Professionals. This program is a follow through of the ‘Forum Halal Muslim held by IKIAM on 20th. October 2016’. IKIAM did a Malaysian Soft Launching of this strategic Program in February 2018. The National and International Soft Launching was held in March 2018.

IKIAM is also in the process of networking with International NGOs and entrepreneurs in developing HALAL HUB in several countries, starting with ASEAN and ASIA. The first project shall be in Taiwan. This shall be followed by the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia and Myanmar as the groundwork in the respective country has been initiated by the activists themselves.

Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE)

IKIAM is actively working together with the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) to assist small and medium businesses to export their products and services to ASEAN countries. In this challenging program, IKIAM has successfully organized several TRADE VISITS to the Philippine, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar since January 2019.

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